About Us


Borosil has stood for high quality, perfect accuracy and dependability to everyone in the field of science for the last 6 decades. We are the single largest manufacturer of the complete range of volumetric glassware in India. Borosil's SIP division offers an entire gamut of the finest quality scientific and laboratory glassware through a pan India network of 150 dealers. This includes volumetric ware, laboratory bottles, general laboratory glassware, filtration products, quartz ware, and sintered ware. This range of over 2000 products finds application across diverse disciplines such as Quality Control in pharmaceutical industries, food, and soil testing laboratories, Biopharma industries, Microbiology, and Biotechnology. We also export our range to over 50 countries worldwide.

Borosil Filter Media

We have a range of qualitative as well as quantitative filter papers that add delight to the life of scientists, experts and science enthusiasts. We have a range of stable and durable filter papers that don’t interfere with the chemicals and give you near-accurate results during critical analysis. This range of high-quality filter media allows technicians to follow the global parameters of analysis without any compromise or second-guessing.


Borosil SIP is very enthusiastic and confident of this partnership with the best and the oldest manufacturing company – Hahnemühle. Headquartered in Dassel, Germany, they began manufacturing paper more than four centuries earlier and pioneered the filter paper almost 140 years ago. Hahnemühle is very strict with its quality control, stringent parameters, and paper specification and has earned the reputation of producing reproducible filtration results, thanks to the high batch-to-batch uniformity over decades.

Hahnemühle has been awarded the “Brand of the Century” and hence belongs to the exclusive circle of Germany’s strongest brands with strong inroads to the European Science inner circle.

Hahnemühle History

    1584 Establishment of
    1883 Filter papers produced for the first time
    1927–2004 Hahnemühle was part of the ‘Schleicher & Schuell’ group
    2008 Pure filter papers are marketed directly under the Hahnemühle name